Good Times: With Steve Simeone

This week I go over Sam Tripoli's house. We have fun talking about Stand Up Comedy, Middle School ball breaking sessions, and 80s Hair Metal. Sam has a new album in iTunes called "Believe In Yourself", please buy it.

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This week I hang out with my buddy Shawn Halpin. We talk about Heavy Metal, fireworks, and bad ass High School parties. Plus, he's a Marine.

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This week I hang out with my buddy Justin Martindale. We have lots of laughs talking about High School, ghosts, and the Comedy Store talent coordinator, the legendary Tommy even makes an appearance. This episode is so much fun. Hanging out with Justin just made me feel better about life.

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This week one of my best friends ever is on the show. My friend Jason grew up down the Street from me. We talk about baseball cards, skateboards, and stealing dynomite.

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