Good Times: With Steve Simeone

This week we talk about the Good Times with my buddy, Bret Ernst.

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This week we get to hangout with one of the best guys in comedy, George Perez. George has gone from serving time in prison, to bringing me a bag full wrestling cards to the Comedy Store. Listen to his incredible journey home, as we talk about the Good Times.

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This week I was lucky enough to sit down with Comedy Store Legend, Mr. Don Barris. We talk about music, military school and some classic Comedy Store stuff. Please follow him on Twitter  @SimplyDon1 and check out his podcast network 

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Hey buddies this week we hang out with writer, director and actor @cammcharg. This is one of my favorite episodes and not just because Lee's Dad is hanging out in the studio!


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My buddy Cort McCown returns to talk about his Good Times breaking into Hollywood. Order his new cd here:


I kindly ask you to pray for my friend Roddy and his family


Get Tickets to see Steve and Lee in Toronto August 14th and 15th here:


Live Flying Jew Radio 8/15:

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