Good Times: With Steve Simeone (general)

You guy's might know my guest this week as "The Flying Jew", but to me he's my buddy Lee, none other than Lee Syatt. We talk about growing up in Boston, how he got the nickname "Thumbellina", and having the balls to chase dreams.

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This week I hang out with my buddy Ryan Sickler. He's the co-host of the hilarious podcast called "The Crabfeast". We have lots of laughs talking about brothers, the simple joy of just driving around, and why Eddie Murray is fantastic.

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This week my best friend Steve Rannazzisi is my guest. We talk about our crazy Dads, his first concert, and how we both thought of ourselves as young black teenagers.

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Today I hang out with my buddy Iliza. She's kind of famous. She won Last Comic Standing, is starring in a new NBC Show, and has a new stand up special titled "War Paint" on Netflix. We have some laughs talking about little brothers, how little girls think they're playing when they're really working and the time she called her Mom's friend funny because he looked like Groucho Marx.

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This week I hang out with my buddy JD Shapiro. The writer of Robin Hood Men in Tights, Battlefiled Earth (haha) and is currently working on a project, with the legend, Stan Lee. He talks about working with Mel Brooks, growing up in New Jersey, and learning how to fight with a knife from Irish Gangsters in Hells Kitchen.

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This week my guest is the brilliant Duncan Trussell. We talk about graveyards for GI Joes, fireworks, and the meaning of life.

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My guest this week is my buddy Steve Trevino. I've known Steve for over ten years, we play on the same softball team, and even used to be roommates. We have some laughs about growing up in Texas, drinking out of hoses, and hanging out with Ninjas. Steve's new special "Relatable" on NuVo TV will soon be available on NETFLIX.

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My guest this week is WWE Legend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. We start off talking about prank phone calls and then somehow things got REAL. The way I look it is, when a legend starts to open up, you let him do it. I have nothing but respect, admiration, and love for this guy and I hope it comes across in our conversation. We don't just talk about the "Good Times" but I hope this show will give you a new respect for the form of entertainment that brought me so many good times through out my life.

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This week I hang out with my buddy, comedian Steve Mazan. We discuss a kid named Art, Bill Murray, Family Movie Nights, how to get chicks, and a disaster involving parachute pants. We have lots of laughs but fair warning, if you get sad easily don't listen to the very very end.

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Comedian Ari Shaffir is the first guest on Good Times. He is one of my best friends and the first podcast I was ever on was his podcast, Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank. Check it out!

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